Scam Mailing Policy


To maintain our standards as a company, City Today undertake to make checks on all our customers, to ensure that we are not facilitating fraudulent or scam mailings. We will work with law enforcement if required, to disrupt attempts to break the law or pursue scam mailings through our services.

We are not directly responsible for the content of the packages and letters we carry, and monitoring the contents of all packages is not feasible. This means that we will, instead, co-operate with the Authorities and Law Enforcement Personnel that show reasons for concern, and their investigations. complaints from our customers may also trigger an investigation.

To maintain the above policy, we will advise customers with concerns to contact the National Scams Team to address those concerns and have them investigated.

Should we be notified by one of our customers that their mailings are not compliant with the Code of Practice, we reserve the right to either offer advice, OR to terminate their account, as we feel is appropriate.

We will work closely with those same customers to help them to meet the appropriate standards for their mailings, to avoid becoming an object of complaint, and to maintain the quality of the mailings on our network.

The ASA, National Scams Team or Trading Standards may investigate complaints brought against our customers, and may warn us if they are breaching the Code of Practice. After that warning, we will offer advice and assistance to become compliant. If this advice isn’t taken, and further complaints are received, we reserve the right to terminate their contract.

Upon notification from the ASA, the National Scams Team or Trading Standards that they have upheld a complaint after investigation and prosecuted them under Misleading Advertising legislation, that customer’s account will be immediately terminated.

If you have any Questions or concerns call us on 0844 375 5636